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Change of circumstances

Suspension CoC

You should use a Suspension CoC when a student takes an agreed leave of absence and plans to return in the future.

You can create a CoC from the CoC worklist, the Detailed Student Information page, the Create CoC page or, for undergraduate students, in bulk by uploading an xml file. This guide will tell you how to do it from the Create CoC page.

  1. Go to the SIS Home page and select CoC Home.

  2. This will open the CoC Home menu showing the CoC subareas you can see with your access level.

  3. Select Create CoC.

  4. Select Suspension from the Change of Circumstance category dropdown.

  5. Select the academic year you want to apply this CoC to from the Academic Year dropdown.

  6. Select Next.

  7. The system will now ask you to enter the details of the student this CoC applies to. You can search for the SSN (student support number) to find the student’s details.

  8. When you have entered the student’s details, select Next. This will open the Change of Circumstance Details page where you can enter the specific details of the change.

  9. Enter the Date of Last Attendance. This is the last date when the student attended their course. We use this to process the student’s funding entitlement.

  10. Enter the Date Student Left the Course. A Suspension CoC cannot be future dated. Both the date of last attendance and the date the student left the course must be today or earlier.

  11. Enter the Tuition Fee Charged to Student. The system will automatically fill in this field with the student’s tuition fee amount.

  12. Under Did the Academic Authority agree to this absence, select the Yes radio button. This means that you have approved the suspension reason.

  13. Select a reason from the Reason for Suspension The options are:
    • academic
    • disciplinary
    • health
    • other

If you select Health the student’s support will automatically extend for 60 days. It is thus vital that you have evidence from the student. If the student’s suspension period is longer than 60 days, they must contact their award authority and send further evidence to support this.

  1. Enter the Original Duration of Course.

  2. Enter the Current Year of Study. The system will automatically fill in this field but you can change it if you need to.

  3. Enter the Agreed Date of Return. This field is mandatory, if you do not have an definite date of return please enter an expected date of return. If the student returns within the same academic year as the suspension took place you must submit a Resumption CoC.

  4. Enter the Course Tuition Fee Liability. This should be the liability due at the relevant point in the academic year (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) or less. This field should match the Tuition Fee Charged to Student field unless the student is paying a proportion of the fees themselves.

  5. If you need to add more information to this CoC, the notes field will be available when you select the box after the line 'I need to include additional information so this CoC can be accurately processed. I understand that this will cause a delay as the CoC will need to be manually processed’.   

  6. When you have entered all the details for the CoC, select Next to continue.

  7. You must now select a contact for the CoC. This will be a registered person at your university or college whom we can contact about this CoC. Use the radio buttons to select the contact, then select Next.

  8. This will take you to the CoC Summary page. Review the CoC details and select Submit.

Suspension examples

Undergraduate health suspension

If an undergraduate student is suspending due to health reasons, select Health from the Reason of Suspension dropdown. Once you have selected this complete the rest of the CoC as normal.

This will mean the students will receive maintenance loan support for 60 calendar days from the Last Day of Attendance. When they return from their period of suspension you should submit a Resumption CoC.

Suspension due to pregnancy

Students taking a break due to pregnancy or to give birth are not eligible for the 60 days of maintenance loan support available for health reasons. You should choose Academic from the Reason of Suspension dropdown. Once you’ve done this, complete the CoC  as normal.

If the student is taking a break due to pregnancy-related illness, they are eligible for the 60 days of maintenance loan support. You should select Health from the Reason of Suspension dropdown.

Resumption date into next course year.

If the student has submitted an application for the next academic year and you submit a suspension CoC with a 'date student is resuming study' that is after the course start date of the next academic year, we will reassess the amount of maintenance support available for the student based on the date provided.

Suspension over an academic year

If an undergraduate student suspends and returns within the same academic year, we need a Resumption CoC.

If they return in the following academic year, they will need to apply for the new academic year. Their registration and attendance confirmations will continue as standard.

If the student applies for the new academic year but does not return, you should submit a D attendance code. You can find more information on how to submit attendance codes in the manual attendance confirmation section.

If the student does not apply for the following academic year and tells you they are withdrawing, you do not need to submit a Withdrawal CoC. The application can remain suspended and it will move to the abandonment process.

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