Published: 14/03/2022 · Last Updated: 14/03/2021

Postgraduate master's and doctoral course collection is open for SFE and SFW

You can now submit your academic year 2022/23 postgraduate doctoral courses for English and Welsh domiciled students.

All postgraduate courses that were on CMS for academic year 2021/22 have been rolled over to the 2022/23 tab. These are now ready for you to review and save.

You should complete your course submission by Friday 29 April.

Continuing postgraduate students do not need to reapply for finance. It is therefore important that the course is rolled over for continuing students to ensure they receive their funding on time. We recommend that you run an unsaved course export before you finalise your submission to identify any courses not rolled over.

Please take extra care with your course information to ensure the course details are correct and align to policy and guidance. Remember that the duration of part-time master's courses for English domiciled students cannot be more than twice that of an equivalent full-time course. Please do not use a generic course title for your doctoral courses and make sure there is a subject identifier in the name of the course.

You can find more information about how to submit your courses in our CMS user guide.

If you have any difficulty with your course submission, or do not think you will have all courses uploaded before 29 April, please get in touch with your HEP account manager.