Published: 10/03/2021 · Last Updated: 11/03/2021

HEP bulletin – March 2021

Registrations and attendance confirmations for liability 2

Full-time undergraduate registrations for students are now at 81.97% confirmed, against courses starting in the winter season. For terms starting in March, please continue to submit registrations and clear your outstanding worklists as quickly as possible.

Attendance has been confirmed for 97% of students for liability point 2.

If you have any outstanding registrations or attendances for autumn 2020/21 courses, you should action them now. Please check your worklists for these.

You can find all the relevant service standards in the Joint SLC and HEP Service Agreement.

CoC worklists

If you are submitting non-positive attendance codes (such as F or C), this adds a student record to your CoC worklist.

If you submit CoCs in bulk or manually without using the worklist, remember to clear the student records off your worklist. Otherwise it will appear that you have work still in progress. You can find further information in the SIS user guide.

Course collection for AY 2021/22

Course collection for full-time undergraduate courses closed on 22 January. We are now at 90% of these courses submitted for intakes between August and December. This represents 104% of the course volume submitted this time last year.

We found approximately 20,000 confirmed errors. These mostly relate to courses entered as starting or ending on a bank holiday or weekend date. These errors are being corrected.

If our CMS validation team has been in touch with you, please respond as soon as possible. You should not encourage students to apply to courses that have potential errors outstanding.

The deadline to update your postgraduate courses for Scottish students was 4 March.

The next course collection will be for part-time undergraduate courses for all domiciles. This will launch in early March and the deadline will be in mid-April.

We will also begin collecting postgraduate courses for Northern Irish students in early March, with the deadline in mid-April.

Please check your term dates before you roll over your courses. Make sure the start or end dates are not weekends or bank holidays.

You can find more information on how to submit your courses in our CMS user guide.

SFE undergraduate application service is open

The undergraduate application service opened to English domiciled students earlier this week.

Undergraduate and postgraduate Scottish students can apply to SAAS from 1 April.

We will keep you updated on the launch of the Welsh and Northern Irish application services.

Students moving home from a university address in the January term

SFE and SFW students living away from home during term time are entitled to a higher rate of Maintenance Loan than students living at home. This is to meet the higher living costs.

There is updated guidance to explain what to do if students move back home in the January term.

For SFE students, see the guidance on GOV.UK.

For SFW students, see the guidance on the SFW website.

For answers on some topics affecting SAAS students, see the COVID-19 FAQ on the SAAS website.

We're updating the HEP Services website

We are currently working to update the HEP Services website. The updated site will have enhanced accessibility features and a more streamlined navigation structure. It will still include all the guidance that you are used to seeing and its url will remain the same.

We expect the updated version of the site to go live in March. We'll be in touch again to let you know when we are about to launch it.

Whom to contact with questions?

Partners Support Desk

Your first point of contact for general queries should be our Partners Support Desk

Funding Information Services account managers

If you have questions about student finance information, such as available funding and eligibility, contact our Funding Information Services (FIS) team. The regional FIS account managers have all the information about student finance advice and guidance. They work with careers advisers and outreach and recruitment staff at universities and colleges. You can email them at

HEP account managers

Your HEP account manager can help with more complex enquiries about your activities on our systems. They can also support you with best practice, training and future developments. You can find your HEP account manager details on the Regional support page.