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Attendance confirmation

Negative attendance confirmation

If we receive a negative attendance confirmation (X code) for a tuition fee loan product, we will block future maintenance payments. This payment block is applied automatically when you submit an X code. We will write to the student to let them know, but you must submit a follow-up Change of Circumstance (CoC) so we can reassess the student.

If we have already released a maintenance payment when you confirm non-attendance for that term, we will block maintenance for the following term. Once you have confirmed attendance, we will make all payments that were due to be released until the date of the confirmation.

We will always need confirmations for all outstanding periods. If you have not confirmed that a student was in attendance in the first liability period, you cannot submit a confirmation for the second period.

You can confirm attendance manually on the attendance pages in SIS. You can also do it in bulk by exporting the attendance worklist from SIS, updating attendance confirmations and importing the file back into SIS.

There are several attendance codes you can use.


The student is in attendance. The course and fee information are correct.


After reassessment – the course and fee information have been amended correctly. The payment will be released.


Course mismatch. You need to raise a Change of Circumstance notification (CoC).

The student is in attendance but the fee is disputed. You need to raise a CoC.


The student is in attendance but the liability is disputed, you will need to resolve. Payment will be released.


The student is in attendance but the liability is disputed, you will not resolve. You need to raise a CoC.


The student not in attendance. You need to raise CoC.


The student is suspended. You need to raise a CoC to block maintenance and fee payments.

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