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Attendance confirmation

Manual attendance confirmations

You must only confirm attendance for students after you have registered them with the appropriate awarding body.
  1. Go to SIS Home and select Attendance Home. This will show the attendance subareas you can see with your access level.

  2. Select Attendance Worklist to go to the worklist page.

    If you use the search filters on this page, only students who need an attendance confirmation will appear in the results. You may also see students who normally would not appear for attendance confirmation but need this for bursary payments.

  3. The Attendance Worklist Filter page is split into 2 tabs: Student Search and Course Search. Choose the tab you want to search on.

  4. Select your search criteria, then select Filter and Display Results. The results of your search will show below the filters.

    The results are split into 3 tabs:

    Unconfirmed attendances

    Attendance confirmations you have not actioned yet

    Saved attendances

    Attendance confirmations you have saved but not submitted

    Saved and reassessed

    You have saved an attendance code and we have since reassessed the student

    Each line of the results table shows one student record with the student’s personal, course and fee information. It also includes the attendance status dropdown for each of the 3 liability periods.

  5. Select the appropriate attendance codes for the students on the list.

  6. Select Submit to confirm attendance straight away. If you do this, the positive attendance codes will trigger the fee payment process. Alternatively, select Save to save your selection and come back to it later.

Once you confirm attendance for liability period 1, the student will no longer appear on the attendance worklist. Their attendance status will be updated to Attendance Confirmed. It will stay at this status until the first day of liability period 2 (the start of the second term). At this point the student will reappear on the worklist. Their attendance status for period 2 will be Awaiting Attendance Confirmation.

You will need to confirm a student's attendance for the earliest outstanding liability period first. Otherwise, the system will not let you confirm if for a later period. You can check for outstanding attendance confirmations for a specific liability period by using the liability period filters on the Course Search page.

If you save an attendance code, you can come back to the worklist and submit at a later date. Saving a record will move it from the Unconfirmed tab to the Saved tab.

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