Published: 22/09/2023

HEP bulletin - September 2023

Academic year 2023/24 registration and attendance confirmations


Please check and administer your registration worklist. You should only confirm registration if you are confident the student has enrolled for the coming term. For new students this is usually after you've had face-to-face contact with them. You can wait 28 calendar days to submit an 'N' (not registered) confirmation, allowing the student time to register at a different university or college. If you know the student is not pursuing higher education please submit a negative 'N' code confirmation as soon as you find out.



Remember to submit attendance confirmation when students start attending their course and become liable for tuition fees after any cooling off period. Please check any cooling off period detailed in your student terms and conditions.

You should also submit confirmations of non-attendance and any change of circumstances notifications when you know about them. This helps us to maintain accurate information on student accounts as well as minimise and recover any tuition fee overpayments.

Please compare our Student Information Service (SIS) records to your own student management system records and prompt your students to apply for support if they've not already done so. This will help us to process applications promptly and minimise any shortfall on our initial tuition fee payment instalments.

For guidance on registrations and attendance please visit the Student Information Service user guide.


Academic year 2022/23 registration and attendance confirmations

Please continue to prioritise any outstanding registration or attendance confirmations for academic year 2022/23 courses, especially for later intakes. You should follow up all registrations with an appropriate attendance confirmation and clear your  Change of Circumstance (CoC) worklists.

Please also check your worklists for any outstanding confirmations from previous years.


Issues with registration submissions for part-time and postgraduate students

We're aware some users are experiencing issues submitting registration confirmations for part-time and postgraduate students.

Our technical team is investigating this as a priority, and we'll let you know as soon as the issues are fixed. In the meantime, you can submit confirmations from the detailed student information page as a short-term, interim solution. We're sorry for the inconvenience.


Register now - portal training sessions

Our events will cover the full scope of our Student Information Service (SIS), while also exploring the links between SIS and the other services on the HE Gateway.

We'll highlight:

  • best practice
  • when and how to take specific actions in SIS
  • explore scenarios to keep you compliant with Service Standards

We'll also demonstrate how we use SIS data to prompt student applications, manage course changes, and measure right first-hand accuracy.

The event is designed for newly recruited staff at Higher Education Providers (HEPs) or within a new role, along with existing staff who require refresher training. For more information and to book your place visit our events registration website or for events in Scotland please contact


DSA only courses

Please remember if you previously had a DSA only course on CMS, you no longer need to roll this course over. The system will automatically generate one for you instead. You will not see this new DSA only course in your course listing as it will sit behind the scenes available for DSA only students to be linked to.

If you did not previously have a DSA only course and need one, email our Partner Support Desk and ask us to add one for you.


Bursary Administration Service

As you continue to update awards for academic year 2023/24, please use the opportunity to rationalise your awards and delete old awards that no longer generate eligible students. This will help to improve the overall efficiency of your automated awards.

Please also be mindful of the impact of late withdrawal notifications and bursary payments that have been set up for an automated award. Recent analysis has highlighted examples of overpayments to students who've left their course, that otherwise could have been avoided.

New subscribers to the Bursary Administration Service are welcome at any time. There's no minimum number of students. Please contact your HEP Account Manager for more information.