Published: 19/01/2022 · Last Updated: 24/01/2022

Complete your full-time undergraduate course submission

The deadline for full-time undergraduate course submission was 21 January 2022. If you have any courses outstanding, you should submit these as soon as you can to ensure they're available for the launch of the student application service.

If you have any difficulty with your submissions, please get in touch with your HEP Account Manager.

You can find more information about how to submit your courses in our CMS user guide. Please review the guidance before you submit your courses.

Please take extra care with your course information to ensure the course details are correct and align to policy and guidance. When you enter term dates, ensure that course start dates do not fall on a bank holiday.

New for academic year 2022/23

If you enter term dates that start or end on a weekend, the system will ask you to confirm this is correct before you can save the course.

You'll now have the option to choose a duration of up to 8 years for a full-time undergraduate course.

If you have a DSA only course in academic year 2021/22, you do not need to save this course for academic year 2022/23. A DSA only course will be automatically created for you, and this will happen every year when courses are rolled over. You will not see this DSA course in your course listing. It will sit in the background, available for DSA only applications to be linked to. If you do not currently have a DSA only course but need one set up, please email our Partners Support Desk so we can do this for you.