Published: 10/06/2021 · Last Updated: 10/06/2021

HEP bulletin – June 2021

Registrations and attendance confirmations

Full-time undergraduate registrations for students on spring start courses are 72.07% confirmed. This includes courses that only started in May and June, so registrations are still ongoing.

As a reminder, you must submit any outstanding registration confirmations within 30 days of the term start date for spring courses.

As we move through the spring term, please check that you have actioned all registrations and attendances for terms 1 and 2. You should also check your worklist for applications that are new or have been reassessed.

Please continue to work through outstanding registrations and attendance confirmations. You should clear all worklists by the end of June if possible.

Current registration submissions were as follows on 8 June:

  • autumn - 99.64%
  • winter - 96.30
  • spring - 72.07%

Current attendance submissions were as follows on 8 June:

  • autumn term 1 - 99.5%, term 2 - 99.4%, term 3 - 98.54%
  • winter term 1 - 95.31%, term 2 - 93.95%
  • spring term 1 - 79.38%, term 2 - 66.01%

Registering students with awarding bodies

If you have courses validated by another awarding body, you must ensure that the student is properly registered with the awarding body. You must do this before you confirm attendance on the Student Information Service (SIS).

You must check that all student details are correct on both systems before you confirm attendance. This includes:

  • student details
  • the level of qualification
  • that the student's application is against the correct course

Course collection for AY 2021/22

There were 2 course collection deadlines in May.

The deadline for submitting postgraduate master's courses for English and Welsh domiciled students was on 14 May. On 25 May, these were standing at 88% of the expected total.

The deadline for submitting postgraduate doctoral courses for English and Welsh domiciled students was 28 May. On 25 May, we had received 75% of the expected course details.

Please let your HEP account manager know if you still have courses to update but cannot submit right now. Please also tell them if you are running fewer courses than last year. This will help us to manage course validation.

You should take extra care when entering term start and end dates. We have found many cases where Saturday, Sunday or official bank holiday dates have been entered by mistake and then needed correction.

Cyber-attack guidance

Over the past year we have seen more education providers fall victim to attempted cyber security attacks and incidents.

If you become aware of an attempted or successful attack on your systems you must report this to us if:

  • it is evident or likely that it affects your student data system
  • it will or may affect your ability to return data to us

You must report this to your HEP account manager as soon as possible. They will determine if we need to take any further action until you are able to return to business as usual.

You should also regularly check your HE Gateway contacts and expire any out of date accounts.

Changes to CoCs

On 23 May we made some changes to the undergraduate Change of Circumstance notifications on Student Information Service (SIS). Most of these were to remove redundant fields.

We also made a change where you now need to tick a box if you want to add notes to a CoC. If you add notes, an assessor will need to read the note and process the CoC in line with the information in the Notes box. This will slow down processing in cases where the note was not really necessary. This revision will speed up the processing of CoCs.

You can find further guidance in the Student Information Service user guide.

New guidance chapter – CoC status definitions

We've recently added a chapter to the SIS user guide that explains all the CoC statuses you can see on SIS. You can find the CoC status definitions here.

Cooling off period survey – results

On 8 April 2021 we issued a survey asking you about your cooling off periods for students.

156 universities and colleges completed the survey. When asked about the length of the cooling off period:

  • 96 providers said that their cooling off period was 2 weeks
  • 25 providers said it was 3 weeks
  • 7 providers said it was 4 weeks
  • 7 providers said it was 6 weeks
  • 12 providers indicated other time frames
  • 4 providers said they do not have a cooling off period

The vast majority confirmed that the cooling off period was only applicable in term 1 with different or no cooling off periods in terms 2 and 3, while 16 providers said it was applicable in all 3 terms. Most providers that deliver part-time courses had the same cooling off period for full-time and part-time students.

There's still time for full-time undergraduate students to apply

The deadline for new full-time undergraduate student finance applications has now passed, but it’s not too late to apply.

Students who apply after the deadline may not receive the full amount they’re entitled to right away. We’ll still make sure they have some funding in place for starting their course.

Continuing students should apply before 25 June to ensure they receive their full entitlement for the start of their next term.