Published: 29/03/2022 · Last Updated: 29/03/2022

HEP bulletin – March 2022

Registration and attendance confirmations

If you have any outstanding registration or attendance confirmations for 2021/22 autumn courses, please submit them now.

You should follow up all registrations with appropriate attendance confirmations. You should have no students who are registered but have terms without an attendance code.

You should also clear your Change of Circumstance (CoC) worklists. Please check your attendance worklists for any outstanding confirmations from previous years, too. Sometimes students will come back onto your list after we've reassessed them. If the reassessment details are correct, you should reconfirm their attendance in acceptance of the change. This will let us claw back any outstanding recoveries. If the details are not correct, you should submit a further CoC.

Please continue to prioritise these actions to minimise overpayments.

Part-time undergraduate course collection

All part-time undergraduate courses that were on the Courses Management Service (CMS) for academic year 2021/22 have been rolled over to academic year 2022/23. These are now ready for you to review and save. The deadline for submitting these courses is 15 April.

This applies to courses for students domiciled in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If you have part-time courses that are only available to Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) students, you do not need to add these to CMS. SAAS gets the part-time study mode information from the student's SAAS application.

Postgraduate course collection

You can now also submit your postgraduate master's and doctoral courses for students domiciled in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The deadline for submitting these for Northern Irish students is 15 April and for English and Welsh students 29 April.

The submission deadline for postgraduate master's courses for Scottish students has now passed. You should add these courses as soon as possible ahead of the application service opening in April.

Provider email address on CMS

Please check CMS to make sure your organisation's email address is up to date. You can find this in the Contact Details section of the Provider page. 

This email address is available to applicants when they search for their course online. It is important that the staff members who manage this mailbox can give answers to students about your courses.

CMS enhancement

The Academic Year tab for each course on CMS will now include information about when the course was created or rolled over from a previous academic year:

  • the academic year start date
  • the timestamp when the course was created or rolled over
  • the username of the administrator who created or rolled over the course

This information is similar to the 'last updated' timestamp. It will not be available on course exports, but you'll be able to see it for each individual course on CMS.

Supporting customers affected by the conflict in Ukraine

In the context of the conflict in Ukraine our Customer Experience team is working with Operations and Repayments to respond to individual circumstances.

If you've agreed with any students to suspend or withdraw them, please see our guidance on CoCs due to the Ukrainian conflict.