Published: 27/01/2022 · Last Updated: 27/01/2022

HEP bulletin – January 2022


Please check and clear your registration worklist. You should submit any outstanding confirmations for new students on winter start courses.

Please remember to submit an 'N' (not registered) or other appropriate code for students who have not enrolled.


The deadline for term 2 attendance confirmations is 27 January. You need to submit attendance confirmations by close of business on this date to ensure payment on Wednesday 2 February.

You should submit confirmations when students have started attending the course and become liable for tuition fees, this means after any cooling off period. You should check any cooling off period detailed in your student terms and conditions.

You should also submit confirmations of non-attendance and any change of circumstance notifications as soon as you know about them. This will help us to maintain accurate information on student accounts. It will also help us to minimise and recover any tuition fee overpayments.

Course collection for academic year 2022/23

The deadline for universities to submit full-time undergraduate courses was 21 January 2022. All other providers should complete course submission by 18 February.

We appreciate that you may still be deciding the term dates for some of your courses in academic year 2022/23. If this is the case, please do not update them with estimated dates. Instead, let your HEP account manager know you are awaiting final dates.

The next submissions we'll ask you to make are part-time undergraduate courses for all domiciles. Collection of these is likely to open in mid-February. The submission deadline will likely be in early May.

Outstanding tuition fee recoveries

You may have received an email about our work on the reconciliation of tuition fee funding. Where there are historic accounts that need reconciliation, we'll have sent you a spreadsheet of student accounts with outstanding SIS actions.

We need you to review the student accounts and submit the appropriate attendance confirmation or Change of Circumstance (CoC) notification on the HE Gateway.

Course delivery format

We know some of you have full-time courses that are now delivered mainly or partly online. In some instances these are not classified as distance learning courses.

This applies even if you provide certain parts of a course online and students can follow them without being physically in attendance.

It is the pattern of attendance across the whole course that determines whether it is a standard full-time course or a distance learning course.

You can find more information about determining mode of study in the CMS user guide.