Published: 14/12/2021 · Last Updated: 14/12/2021

HEP bulletin – December 2021

Outstanding registrations and attendance confirmations

Please check and clear your registration, attendance and CoC worklists.

This will help to maintain accurate information on student accounts. It will also help us to minimise overpayments and recover any tuition fee overpayments.

Course collection for academic year 2022/23

Academic year 2022/23 course collection opened on 10 November for:

  • full-time undergraduate courses
  • postgraduate master’s courses for Scottish domiciled students

The deadline to submit undergraduate courses is Friday 21 January 2022.

We've published a recording of our Courses Management Service (CMS) webinar to help you with course submission. This covers the most important information about the process for submitting full-time, part-time and postgraduate courses for academic year 2022/23.

You can find full information about course submission in our CMS user guide.

We'll continue with course validation activity for full-time undergraduate courses throughout December. We'll be checking for any anomalies in fees, course length, term dates and other aspects. To do this, we'll compare academic year 2022/23 courses against those submitted last year. If our CMS validation team has been in touch with you, please respond as soon as possible.

We expect to begin part-time undergraduate course collection from mid-February 2022, with the completion deadline in mid-April.

Revised Service Agreement and Service Standards

The updated Service Standards are included with Appendix 1 of the Joint SLC and HEP Service Agreement. Please familiarise yourself with the changes to the agreement.

Consent to Share process

Students who want to share permission to discuss their funding must follow the Consent to Share process described on our practitioners website.

Students can nominate a named advisor who has consent to share authority. They can do this by using Section B of the Consent to Share form, also available on our practitioners website.

Migrant worker evidence check

In November, we emailed final year students funded under the migrant worker category. These students or their qualifying family members need to stay in continuous employment throughout the academic year. 

We've asked them to send us evidence of their or their family member's continued employment or self-employment status. Students have a 4-week deadline to provide this.

Please remind your students that if we do not receive full evidence by the deadline, we'll need to suspend their maintenance loan and grants until they send us the evidence.

SLC dates during the holiday period

These are the opening times of our Partners Support Desk over Christmas and New Year:

Friday 24 December to Tuesday 28 December – closed
Wednesday 29 December to Thursday 30 December – 10am to 4pm
Friday 31 December to Tuesday 4 January – closed
Wednesday 5 January – 9am to 5pm

Some of our HEP Account Management team will be on leave between Wednesday 22 December and Friday 7 January. If you have an urgent query and your HEP Account Manager is not immediately available, please contact Samantha Stokell during this period.

Our student helplines will be available as follows: 

Friday 24 December to Tuesday 28 December – closed
Wednesday 29 December to Thursday 30 December – 9am to 5pm
Friday 31 December to Monday 3 January – closed
Tuesday 4 January – 9am to 5pm

Merry Christmas from the HEP Account Management team!

This year has been another difficult one for us all, working partly from home with all the extra challenges that brings. Our HEP Account Management team would like to thank you for your hard work and commitment throughout the year. We hope you'll enjoy a well-earned break at Christmas.

We look forward to seeing and working with you in the New Year!