Published: 13/06/2023 · Last Updated: 13/06/2023

HEP bulletin - June 2023

Registration and attendance confirmations

If you have any outstanding registration or attendance confirmations for academic year 2022/23, please submit them now. You should follow up all registrations with appropriate attendance confirmations. You should have no students who are registered but have terms without an attendance code.
You should also clear your change of circumstance (CoC) worklists to ensure all non-attendance codes are followed up correctly.
Please check your attendance worklists for any outstanding confirmations from previous years, too. It may be the case that students will come back onto your list after we've reassessed them. If the reassessment details are correct, you should reconfirm their attendance in acceptance of the change. This will let us make any payments still due, or to claw back any outstanding overpayments. If the details are not correct, please contact our Partners Support Desk to have these changed.
Please continue to prioritise these actions to minimise overpayments.

Courses Management Service

If you're expecting students on a postgraduate course to return for academic year 2023/24, you must roll over your postgraduate courses. This is so we can assess returning students and ensure they receive their funding.

SIS default year updates — academic year 2023/24

Each year in June or July, we update the default year in SIS. This means the default year will change from the current academic year to the upcoming one. This is because most new actions will be for the upcoming academic year accounts.
We'll make the change from academic year 2022/23 to 2023/24 on Friday 30 June. Please let all staff who use SIS know, so they can make sure they're working against the correct year.

Subscription invoices – Bursary Administration Service

Thank you to those providers who have paid their invoice. If you have you will now have access to your students who have begun the application process for academic year 2023/24. For those of you who have not paid, you'll have received a recent reminder, please action this as a priority as failure to do so could impact on your continued access to the service.

Automated and manual bursary awards

If you created bursary awards in academic year 2022/23 these are now available for editing for academic year 2023/24. If you no longer need an award, please delete it. If you would like support to update your awards or create new ones, please contact your Account Manager to discuss.

Student Support Seminar 2023

Thank you again to those who attended the Student Support Seminar. The presentations from the sessions are now available in the Events section of our website.

Service Review Forums and SIS training

We are planning our Service Review Forums and SIS training events for delivery throughout the summer. Please look out for save the date and registration details which are coming soon.