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Attendance worklist

Attendance worklist results – saved and reassessed

The Saved and Saved and Reassessed tabs have the same fields as the Unconfirmed tab. The only difference is that the Attendance Code field will show the code you have saved.

You cannot change the attendance code for the students on these tabs. To amend a student’s confirmation, select their Student Support Number (SSN). This acts as a hyperlink that will take you to the Detailed Student Information page where you can update their attendance confirmation.

Select the checkboxes at the beginning of each row to choose the relevant codes to submit. Alternatively, choose Select All Displayed to select all records on the page. If you need to, you can deselect records individually or by selecting Deselect All. Select Submit to submit the codes.

An application may appear on both the Unconfirmed tab and the Saved tab. This will happen if the attendance confirmation for liability period 1 is still outstanding by the time liability period 2 arrives.

If you save an attendance code for liability period 1, this will move to the Saved tab. The outstanding attendance code for liability period 2 means that the record will also appear on the Unconfirmed tab. If you submit the attendance code for liability period 2, the saved code for liability period 1 will also be submitted. 

Attendance saved:

A screenshot of attendance saved in the attendance worklist page in SIS.

Attendance saved and reassessed:

A screenshot of attendance saved and reassessed in the attendance worklist in SIS.

You can enter and save attendance codes in any order but our system will only let you submit them in order. You must submit liability period 1 before liability period 2 or at the same time.

If you try to submit an attendance confirmation when there is an outstanding confirmation for an earlier liability period, you will get an error message:

'The attendance code for the selected period cannot be submitted without submitting a code for all outstanding periods.'

When you save or submit an attendance code, the system will automatically check that the record has not been updated in the meantime. If the record has been updated, the system will not save your attendance code and you will get a warning message. This applies to all tabs.

You will also see a warning text when you submit attendance codes:

'Please ensure that any attendance codes are correct.'

When you have successfully submitted or saved an attendance confirmation you will get a message confirming this. 

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