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Attendance confirmation

Checking for previous attendance confirmations

When you raise a Change of Circumstance notification (CoC) that affects a previous liability period, the student will reappear on the attendance worklist for that period. It is therefore possible that a student will need attendance confirmations for more than one liability period at the same time. You will not be able to submit an attendance code for the later liability period until you have confirmed the earlier period.

To check if there are any students who need a confirmation for an earlier period, use the Liability Period filter on the Attendance Worklist. For example, if you want to check for outstanding confirmations in liability period 1, filter on all students within this period.

The screenshot below shows a student whose attendance has been confirmed for the first liability period. The second liability date has now been reached, so the student needs an attendance confirmation for the second period. There is no option to confirm attendance for the third period, as the third term has not started yet.

A screenshot of one student's attendance confirmed in liability 1 and 2 but not 3 in SIS.

The screenshot below shows the Attendance tab in the Student History section of a student’s record. This student’s attendance has been confirmed (AC) in liability periods 1 and 2. They are still awaiting attendance confirmation (AAC) for liability period 3.

A screenshot of SIS showing student's attendance has been confirmed in periods 1 and 2 but is still waiting to be confirmed in period 3.

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