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Change of circumstances

Change of Circumstance notifications

There are many instances where the information on SIS does not match the student’s current situation. This could be because they have

  • changed course
  • changed mode of study
  • withdrawn from their course

If the information on SIS is not correct you must submit a Change of Circumstance notification (CoC) as soon as possible. This will let us know what changes are needed.

Our service level for CoC processing 20 days in off-peak periods. During peak periods (August to end of November) it is 30 working days.

You must submit CoCs on the Student Information Service (SIS). The exceptions to this are:

  • Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) students
  • Part-Time Grant students (excluding Welsh Part-Time Loan and Grant students from AY 2014/15)

You should submit changes for SAAS students directly to SAAS. For Part-Time Grant students, you should request a CoC form by emailing

On SIS, you can submit CoCs:

  • manually through the CoC Home area
  • in bulk by file upload (for undergraduate students only)

You must have CoC Administrator access to SIS to create CoCs. If you need this added to your account, contact the User Administrator at your organisation.

The next sections will take you through the types of CoCs and how to submit each one.

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