Version 0.1 - Last Updated: 05 May 2021

Withdrawal CoC

Withdrawal – after suspension

Sometimes a student is suspended from study when the withdrawal decision is made. When this happens, you must not withdraw the student from the date when they began their suspension period. The effective date of the withdrawal should be the date you agreed on the student withdrawing from study.

For example, let’s look at a student who was suspended on 1 December. You submitted a Suspension CoC. The student continued to be suspended over the Christmas break. On 2 February they told you that they wanted to withdraw from their course.

You should use 2 February as the Date Student Left the Course and the Date of Last Attendance.

You confirmed the student's term 1 attendance before the suspension. We will therefore not claw back the 25% tuition fee payment for term 1. However, you should not claim funding for term 2 as the student was not in study for this period. 

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