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Postgraduate change of circumstances

Postgraduate Provider Transfer CoC

You can create a postgraduate CoC from the Detailed Student Information page or the Create CoC page. Here we will tell you how to do it from the Create CoC page.

  1. Go to the SIS Home page and select CoC Home.

  2. This will open the CoC Home menu showing the CoC subareas you can see with your access level.

  3. Select Create CoC.

  4. Select Postgraduate from the Level of Funding dropdown.

  5. Select Provider Transfer from the Change of Circumstance category dropdown.

  6. Select the academic year you want to apply this CoC to from the Academic Year dropdown.

  7. Select Next.

  8. The system will now ask you to enter the details of the student this CoC applies to. You can enter the SSN (student support number). However, as the student is not attending your university or college yet, you must also manually enter their details.

    The system will check that the student has an application but is not currently attending your university or college. If this is not true, it will not let you proceed.

  9. You can add up to 20 students to this CoC by selecting the green + icon. Keep in mind that you will be submitting this CoC for all students you add to the list, so you should ensure the change details apply to them all.

  10. When you have added all student details, select Next. This will open the Change of Circumstance Details page where you can enter the specific details of the change.A screenshot of the change of circumstance details page in SIS.
  1. Enter the Transfer Effective Date. This should be the date when the student transferred to the new course at your university or college.

  2. Select the correct year from the Course year the student will enter dropdown.

  3. When you have entered all the details for the CoC, select Next to continue.

  4. This will take you to the Course Details page where you can search to find the correct course.

    The only courses the system will show are valid postgraduate master’s or doctoral courses. These come from the Courses Management Service (CMS). Whether you will see master's or doctoral courses will depend on the student's level of funding.

    The results include the course start date and qualification to make it easier to find the correct course.

    When you have chosen the correct course details, select Next.

    A cropped screenshot of the course details table in SIS.
  1. You must now select a contact for the CoC. This will be a registered person at your university or college whom we can contact about this CoC. Use the radio buttons to select the contact, then select Next.

  2. This will take you to the CoC Summary page. Review the CoC details and select Submit.

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