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Change of circumstances

Mode switchers

You should use a mode switch CoC if a student has decided to change from a full-time course to a part time course or vice versa.

Follow the steps below to submit a mode switch Fee CoC through the manual CoC submission route. It is important that you include information in the Further Explanation If Required box. This will allow us to pick up the CoC as a mode switch CoC and not a standard Fee CoC. To complete the mode switch process, the student will need to submit the corresponding application form.

  1. Go to the SIS Home page and select CoC Home.

  2. This will open the CoC Home menu showing the CoC subareas you can see with your access level.

  3. Select Create CoC.

  4. Select Fee from the Change of Circumstance category dropdown.

  5. Select the academic year you want to apply this CoC to from the Academic Year dropdown.

  6. Select Next.

  7. The system will now ask you to enter the details of the student this CoC applies to. You can search for the SSN (student support number) to find the student’s details.

  8. Once you have found the student, select Next. This will open the Change of Circumstance Details page where you can enter the specific details of the change.

    Correct Course Tuition Fee Liability – enter the amount the student is liable for

    Correct Course Year – this should remain unchanged from what already appears on the student’s record

    Correct Course Tuition Fee Amount
    – enter the full amount for the academic year you selected

  9. To allow us to process this as a mode switch CoC, you must enter additional information in the Further Explanation If Required box. To access this, you must check the box after the line that says, 'I need to include additional information so this CoC can be accurately processed. I understand that this will cause a delay as the CoC will need to be manually processed’.

    Copy the below text into the Further Explanation If Required box, then add the relevant information:

    Mode Switch CoC request

    New course name:

    New course code:

    Date of change:

    Mode of study for new course: Full-time / Part-time

    Credits to be undertaken: (Part-time only)


    New course name: this is the name of the course that the student is transferring to

    New course code: this is the code of the course the student is moving to after the mode switch

    Date of change:
    this is the date when the student switched modes

    Mode of study for the new course:
    this should show which mode the student is moving to – delete as appropriate

    Credits to be taken:
    for Part-Time Maintenance Loan (PTML) students only, enter a credit value – this is the amount of credits that the student will be undertaking at your university or college in that academic year only

  10. When you have entered all the details for the CoC, select Next to continue.

  11. This will take you to the Course Details page. The fields here will already have the correct course details for the student. Select Next to continue.

  12. You must now select a contact for the CoC. This will be a registered person at your university or college whom we can contact about this CoC. Use the radio buttons to select the contact, then select Next.

  13. This will take you to the CoC Summary page. Review the CoC details and select Submit.

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