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Postgraduate change of circumstances

Postgraduate Cross Academic Year Transfer CoC

You can use this CoC for postgraduate Student Finance England and Student Finance Wales students. It will let you transfer the student to a course in another year of study. The submission process is very similar to a normal Transfer CoC, except for the addition of the starting academic year.

You should only use this CoC when a student is changing their academic year. You should not use it for a standard course transfer. For these, you should use the Internal Transfer CoC instead.

You can create a postgraduate CoC from the Detailed Student Information page or the Create CoC page. Here we will tell you how to do it from the Create CoC page.

  1. Go to the SIS Home page and select CoC Home.

  2. This will open the CoC Home menu showing the CoC subareas you can see with your access level.

  3. Select Create CoC.

  4. Select Cross AY Transfer from the Change of Circumstance category dropdown.

  5. Select the academic year you want to apply this CoC to from the Academic Year dropdown.

  6. Select Next.

  7. The system will now ask you to enter the details of the student this CoC applies to. You can search for the SSN (student support number) to find the student’s details.

  8. You can add up to 20 students to this CoC by selecting the green + icon. Keep in mind that you will be submitting this CoC for all students you add to the list, so you should ensure the change details apply to them all.

  9. Select Next. This will open the Change of Circumstance Details page where you can enter the specific details of the change.
    The image shows that the new CoC can be found in the change of circumstance category dropdown
  1. Enter the Transfer Effective Date. This is the day, month and year when the student transferred to the new course.

  2. Select the Course Year the Student Will Enter from the dropdown.

  3. You can enter further information in the Further Explanation If Required field if you need to. Please leave this blank unless you need to tell us something that the CoC fields do not cover.

  4. Select Next. This will take you to the Course Details page.

    The image shows the Change of Circumstance window for a Cross AY Transfer CoC
  1. Enter the SLC course code, course name or UCAS code to search for the student’s course and select Search.

  2. Select the radio button for the course that matches the one the student is transferring to. When you have chosen the correct course, select Next.

  3. You must now select a contact for the CoC. This will be a registered person at your university or college whom we can contact about this CoC. Use the radio buttons to select the contact, then select Next.

  4. This will take you to the CoC Summary page. Review the CoC details and select Submit.

Once you have submitted the CoC and we have processed it, the student’s profile on SIS will update to reflect the new information. Since the student has now transferred to a different academic year, they will appear on your registration worklist again. You will need to confirm their registration on the new course to begin payments for this course.

Let's say that you have a student who wants to transfer to a course starting in the next academic year. You can only do this once the new academic year’s course becomes available. This will happen when you have rolled over or newly submitted the new course on CMS. This normally happens in March or April for postgraduate courses.

If you are trying to transfer a student to the next academic year before this point, you will not be able to see the dropdown option for the new year. In this case, you will need to submit a Suspension CoC until the new course is available. Once it becomes available, you will need to submit a Resumption CoC, then submit the Cross Academic Year Transfer CoC.

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