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Attendance confirmation

Attendance confirmation import results

The Attendance Confirmation Import Results page gives you a breakdown of each imported file that has passed validation.

The top half of the page will show the filter criteria you entered on the Attendance Import Results Filter page. The rest of the page is split between Overview and Import Error Details.

An image of the attendance confirmation import results page in SIS, showing the overview and details of any import errors.


The overview shows:

  • the total number of records in the file
  • the number of invalid attendance codes
  • the number of blank attendance codes (this means a blank, NULL or “_”), along with the number of times each code occurred

Import error details

For each error in the file, this section shows:

  • the row number where the error appears
  • the student’s SSN (this will be the entry in the imported file, if the error is in the header row or the SSN is unobtainable, this will be blank)
  • the error type (file format or business rules error) and a brief explanation of the error details

Select Export Results to export the error details. You can then review and correct them before you resubmit the file.

File Format Errors

You may see the following file format errors:

  • the format of the file does not match that expected for an Attendance Confirmation File
  • the file contains no records
  • the filename exceeds 100 characters
  • the HEI code in the file header does not match the HEI the user is logged in as
  • either the number of records or the tuition fee loan, grant or student pays totals in the file header do not agree with the details in the file

Business rule errors

You may see the following business rule errors:

  • this student cannot be matched in SIS – the SSN in the file cannot be matched

  • attendance confirmation is not required for this student – you have entered an attendance code for a student who does not need an attendance confirmation

  • invalid attendance code – you have entered an incorrect attendance code

  • no course found in SIS – no course matching the course in the file can be found in the system

  • the course cannot be uniquely identified in SIS, multiple courses found – the system cannot identify the course in the file

  • confirmation has already been submitted for this student – you have already confirmed the student’s attendance for this period

  • confirmation cannot be provided at this time as the application status is not yet approved – the student’s application has not been approved yet

  • confirmation is not yet due for this student, please check the appropriate worklist for currently outstanding confirmations – the student has not yet become available for attendance confirmation

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