Version 0.1 - Last Updated: 05 May 2021

Attendance worklist

Attendance worklist search results

Once you run a search on the Attendance Worklist page, the search results will appear on screen. The top half of the page will show your search criteria. The bottom half will show the search results.

The results are split into 3 tabs:

  • unconfirmed attendances – confirmations you have not yet actioned
  • saved attendances – confirmations you have saved but not submitted
  • saved and reassessed – confirmations you have saved and we have reassessed

The number of search results for each tab will be in brackets after the heading and the fields.

The search results will default to the Unconfirmed Attendances tab.

Once you have confirmed attendance for a student, their status will be updated to Attendance Confirmed. The student will disappear from the attendance worklist. If you submit attendance for the first liability period, they will also disappear from the combined worklist.

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