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Student information

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SIS has a Student Information area where you can see details about your students. You will need to have Student Information Advisor access to view this area.

The student information appears on SIS once the application is approved or approved awaiting signature. (Applications only become fully approved once the student has completed and returned their declaration form.)

You can check this information early in the application cycle, before attendance and registration confirmation, to make sure that the details on a student’s application are correct. These include:

  • bank details
  • National Insurance numbers
  • course, fee and credit information
  • bursary consent to share

If any of the information is incorrect or missing, you may need to submit a Change of Circumstance notification (CoC) or the student may need to act.

You can also use the Student Information area throughout the year to see detailed information about your students.

SIS will show student information for all approved applications for the upcoming academic year. This will include any reassessments or outstanding attendance confirmations from AY 2006/07 onward, and for applications with a status of Approved Awaiting Signature from AY 2013/14 onward.

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