Version 1.0 - Last Updated: 02 May 2024

Student information

Attendance history

The Attendance tab under Student Information History shows:

  • the attendance event
  • the attendance status for each liability period
  • who actioned the event
  • the time and date of the event

Use the Back button to return to the Detailed Student Information page.

A sceenshot of the student information history page, attendance tab in SIS

New Application – Approved

SIS records this when it receives an approved application notification. This is system generated and includes:

  • the FSN (Final Version of Support Notification) status of the student
  • if we hold the bank details of the student
  • the Tuition Fee Loan amount
  • the Tuition Fee Grant amount
  • the amount the student is to pay

The attendance status will be Awaiting Attendance Confirmation for each liability period.

The Last Updated By field will say 'SYSTEM' as the event was system generated.

The Last Updated Date and Time field will show when the event came into SIS.

Bursary Approval           

SIS records this when a bursary award is approved. It will show the attendance status, along with the timestamp when the information came to SIS from the Bursary Administration Service (BAS).

Fee Waiver       

SIS records this when a fee waiver is processed. It will show the updated amounts for:

  • Tuition Fee Loan
  • Tuition Fee Grant
  • tuition fee waiver
  • student to pay

It will also show the attendance status, along with the timestamp when the information came to SIS from our application and assessment system.

Attendance Confirmed 

SIS records this when you confirm attendance. It will show:

  • the attendance code
  • the period you confirmed attendance for
  • the attendance status
  • the username of the person who confirmed attendance
  • the time stamp for audit purposes

Corrective Reassessment           

SIS records this when an assessment for an application is corrected. It will usually mean that a Change of Circumstance notification (CoC) has been submitted and processed in error and the award authority has corrected this.

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