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Student information

Detailed student information – personal information

The Detailed Student Information page has 3 tabs:

  • personal information
  • course information
  • other information

The page defaults to the Personal Information tab. This shows the fields listed below.


Student’s Address, Town/City, County, Post Code, Alternative Location Details 

The student’s address details.


The student’s domicile.

Award Authority            

The student’s award authority.

Reassessed Indicator    

This shows if the student has been reassessed (yes or no).

Date of Birth

In dd/mm/yyyy format.

Bank Details Held          

This shows if we have the student’s bank details (yes or no).

Valid NINO Held             

This shows if we have a valid National Insurance number for the student (yes or no).

Registration Status       

This shows the current registration status of the student. The options are:

  • awaiting registration confirmation
  • registration confirmed
  • registration confirmation not required

Current Attendance Status        

This shows the current attendance status of the student.

Current Attendance Code          

This shows the attendance code you've saved for the student.

Application Status         

This shows the application status. This can be either Approved or Approved Awaiting Signature.

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