Version 0.1 - Last Updated: 05 May 2021

Registration worklist

Registration worklist search results

A screenshot of the registration worklist search results in SIS.

The registration worklist results page will show the results of the filtered search.

Students who need a registration confirmation will appear on the worklist 30 days before their course starts. SIS gets the course start date from the Courses Management Service (CMS).

Students will appear on the list in alphabetical order. Every entry will show their Student Support Number (SSN), full name and date of birth. The SSN also acts as a hyperlink to the Detailed Student Information page.

Next to each student’s record, there is a Registration Confirmation dropdown. Select Yes from the dropdown to register the student.

If a student’s details appear on the registration worklist, but they never turn up to study, you should select No. This will clear the student from the worklist and remove their support entitlement. The student’s registration status will show as Registration Not Required. If the student then turns up at a later date, you can change their registration code.

For AY 2018/19 and later, you will also see a Credits field. This will only be valid for Part-Time Maintenance Loan (PTML) students.

A screenshot of the registration worklist search results page in SIS with a red box highlighting the credits section.

When you confirm registration for PTML students you also confirm that the correct credits are showing for that academic year. Once you select Y from the Registration Confirmation dropdown, the credit value becomes editable. If it is incorrect, overtype the value.

Once you have selected Yes or No for all the relevant students, select Submit to make the confirmations. All students whose registration you confirm as Yes or No will be removed from the registration worklist. Their Student History page will update to show the registration confirmation.

At this point, the student will be removed from the registration worklist. Their registration status will stay at Awaiting Registration Confirmation until we reassess the application. Once we have processed the CoC, the student will come back onto the registration worklist for confirmation.

You can view the details of the submitted CoC on the Student Information page by selecting History.

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