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Registration confirmation

Manual registration

You'll sometimes need to register a student who has yet to appear on the registration worklist. This is called manual registration and is only available for full-time undergraduate students.

There are a number of reasons to submit manual registrations. For instance, you would do this for late applications. You would also do it when a student changes provider but either has no CoC to transfer their application or has a CoC but this has not been actioned. This means that we will not hold a record for that student for the new provider.

If you know the student’s Student Support Number (SSN), you can submit a manual registration on SIS. This will release their maintenance payments.

Only publicly funded universities or colleges can submit manual registrations.

You can manually register students either individually or in bulk by importing a registration file into SIS.

You will need to Registration Administrator access to submit manual registrations.

  1. Go to the Registration Home page and select the Create Manual Registrations tab.

A screenshot of the create manual registration page in SIS.

  1. Go to the Academic Year dropdown and choose the year you want to register the student for.

  2. Enter the Student Support Number (SSN) or the Customer Reference Number (CRN) of the student you want to register.

  3. Select the search icon next to the SSN/CRN field. The system will find the student’s surname, forename and date of birth.

  4. If you want to submit more than one manual registration, select the + icon. This will create a new line where you can add another student’s details.

  5. When you have added all the students you want to register, select Submit.

If the submission is successful, you will get a message saying, 'The manual registration confirmations have been submitted successfully to be processed'.

If any manual registrations fail, you the system will list the relevant SSNs and give you an error message.


Confirmation is not required for this student

For normal registrations, students must need confirmation of registration. Check that the registration status is Awaiting Registration Confirmation and the worklist date is on or before the current business date.         

This student cannot be matched

For manual registrations, the student must be our existing customer. There must be an entry for the SSN in the Customers table.     

Confirmation is not required for this student

We must not already have received a registration confirmation for the student. Check that there is no Registration Requests entry for the same student, HEI and academic year.

You can include manual registrations in the registration file import by adding the SSN.

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