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Registration confirmation

Registration confirmation import

After you have exported the registration confirmation report from SIS, you can update it with your registration confirmations.

You can then use the Registration Confirmation Import option to import the file back into SIS. This will confirm your students’ registration in bulk to release bursary and maintenance payments.

You can only make positive registration confirmations with the registration confirmation import. For any negative confirmations, you will need to go to the worklist and manually select N for 'not registered'.

  1. Go to the Registration Home page and select Import Registration Confirmations.

  2. Browse for the file you want to upload and select it.

    A screenshot of the import registration page in SIS.

  3. Once you have selected the file, select Import and Submit to import the file into SIS. The system will check the file. If it fails any of the validation rules, you will get an error message.


The file extension is not ‘txt’ 

The file must be of the expected type and have a file extension of .txt.

A file with the same content has already been imported into SIS

The file content has already been imported into SIS. The system will use a combination of the Filename and Checksum items to check this.

The file contains no records 

The imported file must contain at least 3 records: a header record, a footer record and at least one detail record.    

The number of records within the file exceeds 50,000

The total number of lines in the file must not exceed 50,002. This includes up to 50,000 records, plus one line for the header and one for the footer.

The filename can have up to 100 characters. If it is longer, the system will truncate it to 100 characters.

The format of the file does not match that expected 

SIS will check if the HEI code in the header record of the imported file matches your HEI code. If it does not, the file will fail and no records will be uploaded.

SIS will also run a business validation check on each student record in the file. This will make sure that the student exists and needs a registration.

All mandatory items in the file must be populated. See the detailed import file format for more information.

The confirmation date on the detail record must be a valid date and on or before the current business date. The current business date means the system date when the validation is run.

The academic year on the detail record must be the same or earlier than the academic year on the header record.

The HEI code on the detail record must be the same as the HEI code on the header record, or its child.

The Student Support Number (SSN) must exist. It must be in the correct format (4 alphabetic characters, plus 8 digits, plus one character, for example, ABCD12345678X).

If a record fails any of the validation checks, you will get an error message saying, 'The format of the file does not match that expected'.

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