Version 0.1 - Last Updated: 05 May 2021

Registration worklist

Registration worklist – course search

A screenshot of the registration worklist course search page in SIS.

These are the fields you can search on in the Course Search tab.

Academic Year 

This defaults to the current academic year and is the only mandatory field you need to run a search.

Course Name    

You can enter up to 41 characters and use a wildcard search.

Course Start Date           

Only applies to full-time study, if you select part-time this option will be inactive.

SLC Course Code and UCAS Course Code   

Course identifiers.

Method of Attendance 

A dropdown with a choice of attendance methods.


A dropdown with a choice of qualifications.


A dropdown with a choice of campus locations.

Course Type      

A dropdown with a choice of course types.

Course Status   

A dropdown with a choice of course status options. You can choose Open or  Closed.

Course Fee Rate             

Enter the full course fee rate you are charging in this field.

Number of Records To Display  

The number of search results per page. By default, this is 25, but you can change it to 50, 100 or 200.

Mode of Study 

A dropdown with a choice of modes of study.

Level of Funding

A dropdown showing options for the level of funding or study. The choices are undergraduate, postgraduate, postgraduate NI and postgraduate SAAS.

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