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Registration confirmation

Registration confirmation

Both undergraduate and postgraduate students need a registration confirmation at the beginning of each academic year. When you submit this on SIS, it will trigger the release of the maintenance grant or loan and contribution to cost loans. If you've set the registration confirmation as a trigger in the Bursary Administration Service (BAS), it will also release bursary or scholarship payments.

When do you need to confirm registration?

You must make sure that your confirmations are timely and accurate. This will help us to minimise the risk of fraud and make payments only to those students who are entitled to them. You should only confirm registration if you're confident the student has registered for the coming session. For new students, this is usually after you’ve had face-to-face contact with them. However, how you accept registrations is at your discretion.

Students will appear on the registration worklist 30 days before the start of their course. You should submit a registration confirmation as soon as the student has enrolled. You can wait 28 calendar days to submit a Not Registered confirmation. This will allow the student time to register at a different university or college. If you know that the person is not pursuing higher education, you should make the submission as soon as you find out.

Who needs a registration confirmation?

Any student receiving maintenance or contribution to costs funding will need registration confirmation.

All part-time Welsh students will appear on the registration worklist. You should not confirm registration for a part-time student if the intensity of study is less than 50%. In this case, you should submit a Part-Time Fee Change CoC to tell us.

Once you’ve made the registration confirmations, it is best to check when you can submit attendance confirmations for these students. You should make a note of when the course start date is and when the cooling-off period ends for your students. At this point you’ll be able to confirm attendance for the students.

Validation checks you must make

You need to have a process in place for independent validation of registration confirmations. At least 2 members of staff should be involved in this. You can achieve this in several ways.

For example, you can save confirmations in SIS and have another person check them for accuracy before you submit them. You can also have different people determine that student registration is complete and submit the confirmation on SIS.

If your confirmations are system generated, the process managers are responsible for the accuracy and security of the involved systems and processes. For example, let's say that the admissions team creates the entry in the student record system after accepting a student. The registry team then uses your internal systems and SIS to confirm registration. In this case, the process managers are an admissions manager and a registry manager.

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