Version 0.1 - Last Updated: 02 Feb 2021

Using the HE Gateway

Getting help

The HE Gateway includes an online help facility. Select Help to open help for the page you are on. This will open in a separate browser window. Use the scroll bar to move through the help text. You can resize the window. Select the cross to close help.

Telephone or email assistance

If you have any problems using the HE Gateway, please call our Partners Support Desk or email one of the mailboxes listed below.

To speak to the support desk team, you must be set up as a contact for your university or college on the HE Gateway. See Maintaining HEI contacts for more information.

Email contacts

Bursary Administration Service (BAS) –

Courses Management Service (CMS) –

Financial Information Service (FIS) –

Student Information Service (SIS) –

You can find opening times for the Partners Support Desk on the Contact us page.

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