Version 0.1 - Last Updated: 02 Feb 2021

Using the HE Gateway

Administering system users

The HE Gateway allows those with full access, User Administrators, to create and maintain user accounts. They can create accounts using a defined structure of a User Base, then User Groups and  User Roles.

The User Administrators at your university or college are responsible for creating and administering system users for your organisation.

User Base

A user base is a collection of users. The user bases within the HE Gateway are:

  • HEIs – Bursaries
  • HEIs – Courses
  • HEIs – Financials
  • HEIs – SIS

User Group

A user group is an organisational group with which a user is associated. The user group determines which customer records a user can process.
Normally, this will be the name of your university or college (and any associated organisations).

User Role

A user role is the level of access a user has to a system. A user can hold many roles, depending on the level of access and responsibility they have. See System roles for more information.

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