Version 0.1 - Last Updated: 05 May 2021

Combined registration and attendance worklist

Combined worklist import

Once you have exported the combined worklist from SIS, you can add your confirmations to the file. You can then import the file back into SIS to submit the confirmations.

The Combined Confirmation Import file format is the same as the Registration Confirmation Import file. You can find the full details in the Attendance and Student Information Import and Export Files Technical Specification. If you need a copy, please email

Importing the combined worklist into SIS works the same way as importing the registration worklist. See Registration confirmation import and Registration import results for:

  • the steps to import the file into SIS
  • how to view imported files
  • how to check for validation errors

The only difference is that when you import the combined worklist, this will update the student’s attendance as well as their registration status.

When you upload a Combined Confirmation Import file into SIS, this will confirm attendance against the latest active tuition period. If you include a course code and course year on the imported file, the system will always ignore it. You must ensure that you confirm attendance against the correct course. Check the course in SIS and raise a Change of Circumstance notification (CoC) if you need to.

If there is no active tuition period for the student, university or college and academic year, the entry will fail. This means it will confirm neither registration nor attendance. If you go to Monitor Combined Import Submission, you will see the message 'Combined confirmation cannot be applied to this student'.

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