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Combined registration and attendance worklist

Combined registration and attendance worklist

You can use the combined worklist to submit both the registration confirmation and the first attendance confirmation at the same time. This combined confirmation will release any maintenance payments and the first instalment of the Tuition Fee Loan (and Tuition Fee Grant for Welsh students).

You need to have Combined Administrator access to see the combined worklist.

Like the registration worklist, you will see students on the combined worklist 30 days before the start of their course. This means you can submit an attendance confirmation up to 30 days before students appear on the attendance worklist. Only students with approved applications will be on the combined worklist.

If you are an Alternative Provider you must only use the combined worklist for students you have registered with the appropriate awarding body. This is because a confirmation on the combined worklist will trigger the payment of tuition fees.

When you submit a confirmation on the combined worklist, the student will not appear on the registration or attendance worklists.

When you use the combined worklist, the student’s attendance will be confirmed as 'A' to the latest assessment in SIS. For fee purposes, this will apply irrespective of any course information given in the combined confirmation import file. Submitting a confirmation on the combined worklist will lead to fee payments. You must therefore ensure that the course and fee information is correct first.

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