Version 0.1 - Last Updated: 05 May 2021

Combined worklist

Combined worklist search results

Once you run a search on the Combined Worklist page, the search results will appear on screen. The top half of the page will show your search criteria. The bottom half will show the search results.

A screenshot of the combined worklist search results page in SIS.

Students who need a combined confirmation will appear on the worklist 30 days before their course starts. Every student record will show the information explained below.


Student Support Number. This also acts as a link to the View Detailed Student Information page for the selected student.

Full Name         

The student’s full name.


The student’s date of birth.

Course Name   

The student’s course name.

Course Year      

The student’s current year of study.

SLC Course Code            

The SLC code of the student’s course.

TFL Amount      

The Tuition Fee Loan as requested by the student. This is the portion of their total fee paid by the Tuition Fee Loan.

TFG Amount     

This is the portion of the student’s fee paid by the Tuition Fee Grant.

STP Amount     

This is the tuition fee amount that the student must pay.

Total TF             

This is the total tuition fee amount. It is the total of the previous 3 columns.

Combined Confirmation             

A dropdown where you should select Yes to indicate a combined confirmation.

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