Version 1.0 - Last Updated: 16 Feb 2021

Creating courses

Updating course details for a new academic year

When you select the Courses tab on CMS, the page will always default to the most recent academic year. You can use the academic year tabs to navigate to previous years.

In each new academic year, we will automatically copy your previous year’s course catalogue into the new year. The courses will show as Unsaved and in a worklist format.

You will need to open each course and check that the term dates and course fee are correct.

Once you have checked these details and made any necessary changes, you can save the course for the new academic year.

The course list will show 2 totals:

  • the number of Total Courses
  • the number of Unsaved Courses

Once you save a course, the Unsaved Courses total at the top of the course list will decrease to show the number of unsaved courses remaining.

To make the process easier, you can use the course search to filter on a specific subset of courses. This search will persist so that you can work down a list of filtered courses, saving them individually and then returning to the filtered list without having to enter a filter value again.

You can set preferences to help with term dates when you save courses for the next academic year. User preferences work on a month-to-month match. Let’s say that you roll over a course and its start month matches a start month of a previous course you have saved. The course you are rolling over will be prepopulated with the date, month and year from your previously saved course.

If the start month of the course you are rolling over does not match that of a previously saved course, CMS will prepopulate the months and years based on the course details from the previous year. The date fields will remain blank for you to complete.

If you have a course set up with multiple intakes, some intakes may have the term dates prepopulated if you have already saved a course with the same start month. However, you may need to enter the dates for other intakes if you have not yet saved a course with the same start month as that intake.

Before you save a course, you should always check that the dates, months and years are accurate.

Course fee rates will always default to your provider fee cap. If a specific course year has a placement attribute and you manually enter a placement fee, the system will automatically use the same value in all further courses that have the placement attribute. This placement value will persist until you manually overtype it. From this point onward, the updated placement fee will become the default value for all unsaved courses with a placement attribute.

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