Version 0.1 - Last Updated: 02 Feb 2021

How to access the HE Gateway


You need to be vigilant about usernames and passwords. If someone leaves your college or university, your User Administrator must expire their account on the system. This helps to ensure the security of the HE Gateway.

Expiring user accounts

Once a user’s account is expired, their records cannot be amended or reinstated.

  1. To begin administering users, select User Administration from the HE Gateway Home page.

    If you only have access to a single user group, you will see the user list. If you have access to more than one user group, you must select the user group to display the corresponding user list.

  2. From the user list, select Edit to go to the user’s Profile page.

  3. Select Expire Account. This will take you to the Confirm Details page.

  4. Select Submit to expire the user account. This will take you back to the User Administration page.

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