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Getting started

What is the Courses Management Service?

Our Courses Management Service (CMS) is a directory of:
  • higher education providers (HEPs) 
  • their full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate courses
It is a single, flexible, controlled service with strong security and anti-fraud measures.

The design principles of CMS ensure that:
  • there is a single point of entry for provider and course information
  • students can easily find their course when they apply
We will call for course collection ahead of every academic year. We will ask you to enter term dates and fee information for your existing courses. This includes both full-time and part-time courses on undergraduate as well as postgraduate level. We will also ask you to give any new course information as the academic year progresses.

The course information on CMS is used for many purposes, so it is critical that it is accurate. We use this data to assess student funding applications. It helps us to ensure that any payments we make are correct, on time and go to the right location. You can use CMS to maintain and manage a centralised log of your course and fee information.

You must ensure that your course details are correct and meet the relevant student support regulations. Towards the end of course collection, we will perform validation checks on the courses you have submitted. We will tell you about any courses that do not meet guidance and will expect you to amend these ahead of student application launch.

If you have any questions about using CMS that this guide does not answer, please contact our Partners Support Desk

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