Version 1.0 - Last Updated: 16 Feb 2021

Course data fields


You can apply various specific attributes to courses in CMS. These will help us to ensure that students get the correct level of support during the application process.

There is no limit on the number of attributes you can apply to a single course. However, not all attributes are applicable to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Course attributes can significantly affect a student’s entitlement, so you must ensure any attributes you add to a course are correct.

You can add the following information in the Attributes section: 

  • NHS Bursary
  • distance learning
  • placement year
  • intercalated course
  • medicine/dentistry course
  • undergraduate entry
  • graduate entry
  • paramedic
  • Operating Department Practice
  • pre-registration
  • Dental Hygiene/Therapy

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