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Financial reporting

Outstanding online declaration report

This report lists students who have applied online for student finance but have yet to return a signed declaration form. The report is available for each academic year, but only from academic year 2012/13 onward.

Our application and assessment system continuously updates the data and sends it to SIS. Applications are added to and removed from the report as their status changes to and from Application Approved Awaiting Signature.

Those at parent higher education providers will be able to view details of any associated child providers, but not vice versa.

  1. Go to the SIS Home page and select Financial Reports.

  2. From the Financial Reports submenu, select Outstanding Online Declaration Report.

  3. Select the Academic Year. You can go as far back as academic year 2012/13.

  4. Select Display to see the list of students with outstanding online declarations.

An image showing the outstanding online declaration report in SIS, financial reporting.

The report details the student’s:

  • SSN
  • full name
  • course name
  • SLC code
  • course year

Select Export Report to export the data.

You can use the file export to contact students from your own systems and encourage them to return their signed declaration form. If they do not return this, you cannot confirm their attendance and we will not be able to make maintenance or tuition fee payments.

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