Version 1.0 - Last Updated: 16 Feb 2021

Service agreement and standards

Your responsibilities

You must ensure that your courses meet the relevant student support regulations. You must also make sure that the details we hold for all your courses are correct before student finance applications launch. This will let us assess students against the correct course details and make accurate and timely fee payments to you.

You must submit all your course information by the date we have determined for the academic year. We will tell you this date before we make the Courses Management Service (CMS) available for the new academic year so that you can be ready.

If you experience any issues when using the system, you should contact our Partners Support Desk.

You must ensure you have enough staff members fully trained on CMS and they are available if we need to contact you.

You must also have an IT contact (either internal or external) available if needed.

You must review your contact details regularly and tell us if the details of your primary CMS contact change.

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