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Your and our responsibilities if you enter into a franchise agreement with another provider

Your responsibilities

As the lead provider, you’re responsible for the administration of all data submitted to SLC. Portal access is restricted to the lead provider, and you must ensure that you continue to meet the Service Standard measures for accuracy and timeliness as they apply to all provisions.

You must ensure that you oversee the same level of scrutiny as your main provision, as lead providers are accountable for immigration status checks and minimum English Language Proficiency tests.

As the lead provider, you are expected to:

  • have robust policies and processes defined from the outset of your provision

  • conduct partner visits to perform spot checks on controls

  • regularly review your franchisee’s performance; for example, poor pass rates, low engagement, identifying inappropriate admissions

  • have live access to attendance data

  • sample check verification of documentation, such as previous qualifications

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