Version 1.0 - Last Updated: 16 Feb 2021

Editing courses

Closing a course

If you want to close one of your saved courses, make sure all students have been transferred off the course or have completed study.

Closing a course in CMS will close it for all academic years. When you select Close this course, CMS will check SIS for any active approved applications. CMS will mark the course as pending while the check takes place with SIS. This pending status will show on the actual course and on the Course list page.

If there are no active applications, the system will close the course. If there are active applications, it will automatically reopen the course.

CMS will not complete course closure for an hour to allow application processing to complete. When closed, the course will still appear on your course listing for the current academic year. It will not appear when course submission is available in the following academic year.

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