HEP bulletin - March 2023

Last updated: 05 Apr 2023

Student Support Seminar 2023 – book now to avoid disappointment!

The Student Support Seminar is taking place from 19 to 21 April 2023 at The Crowne Plaza, Stratford-Upon-Avon. Registration closes on 4 April.

For more information, details of the programme and to book your place, please visit our events website.

Registration and attendance confirmations

If you have any outstanding registration or attendance confirmations for 2022/23 autumn and winter start courses, please submit them now.

You should follow up all registrations with appropriate attendance confirmations. You should have no students who are registered but have previous or current terms without an attendance code.

You should also clear your Change of Circumstance (CoC) worklists. Please check your attendance worklists for any outstanding confirmations from previous years, too. Sometimes students will come back onto your list after we've reassessed them. If the reassessment details are correct, you should reconfirm their attendance in acceptance of the change. This will let us claw back any outstanding recoveries. If the details are not correct, please contact our Partners Support Desk to have these changed.

Please continue to prioritise these actions to minimise overpayments.

Change of Circumstance (CoC) processing issue

We're aware of some users experiencing issues with Change of Circumstance (CoC) processing. We're investigating this as a priority, and we'll let you know as soon as the issue is fixed.

You should continue to submit your CoC notifications and you can contact our Partners Support Desk with details of any that are delayed or have been processed incorrectly.

Course collection for academic year 2023/24

You should now have updated all your full-time undergraduate courses for academic year 2023/24. If you have courses outstanding because you need to confirm details, please let your Account Manager know. Courses that are in unsaved status on the system will not be available to applicants.

If our CMS team contacts you about the details and validation of any of your courses, please respond as quickly as possible.

You can also update your part-time undergraduate courses for all domiciles. The deadline to complete this is 21 April.

If you have part-time courses that are only available to Scottish-domiciled students, you do not need to add these to CMS. The Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) gets the part-time study mode information from the student's SAAS application.

Postgraduate master's and doctoral courses for Student Finance England and Student Finance Wales have also been rolled over for academic year 2023/24. You should update these by 14 April so they're available to applicants when the service opens in May.

The deadline for updating postgraduate courses for Northern Ireland is 21 April.

Postgraduate courses available to Scottish students in academic year 2023/24

For academic year 2023/24 there is a policy change from the Scottish Government. This allows for more postgraduate master's courses delivered elsewhere in the UK to be funded for Scottish students. Postgraduate support for Scottish students will be extended to all eligible courses in the rest of the UK, rather than only those that have no equivalent available in Scotland.

The application service to SAAS for Scottish master's students opens on 3 April.

Bursary Administration Service

We issued the annual subscription invoices for academic year 2022/23 on 10 March. If you're paying by direct debit, funds will be deducted on or around 13 April. You'll be able to access student data for academic year 2023/24 once we've received your payment.

If you've activated bursary awards in academic year 2022/23, these will be automatically rolled over on 31 March. The approval and activation process remains the same as before.

To make sure your information is up to date, we recommend you check and update the following:

  • bursary contact on the HE Gateway
  • your logo on student correspondence
  • the signatory on your correspondence
  • any non-standardised text on your student correspondence

Student Information Service guidance update

We’ve made changes to the Change of Circumstances (CoC) section of the Student Information Service (SIS) guide. We’ve updated the Childcare Grant extension CoC chapter and added a new course extension chapter. Please familiarise yourself with the changes.