Version 1.0 - Last Updated: 10 Jun 2024

Student information

Detailed student information history

Student information history shows any changes that have been made to the student's record. These can be a result of reassessments or attendance confirmations. Some of the change categories are:

  • new application
  • suspension
  • fee revision
  • attendance confirmation

Every time you make a change to an existing record in SIS, it will be recorded on the History tab for that student. You can view a complete list of all actions on this tab.

  1. Go to the Detailed Student Information page.
  2. Select History.

A screenshot of the detailed student information history page in SIS

The student’s details appear in the top section of the page. The bottom half of the page is split across 3 tabs:

  • Registration
  • Attendance
  • Change of Circumstance

The page defaults to the Registration tab. The events on each tab are ordered by update time, starting with the most recent.