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Student Information Service

The Student Information Service (SIS) gives you access to a wide set of student data. This becomes visible once an application has been approved or is approved but awaiting signature, so you can have early sight of it.

You can access SIS through the HE Gateway.

You can use SIS to:
  • confirm student registration at the beginning of a course to release maintenance payments
  • confirm ongoing attendance to release tuition fee payments
  • process Change of Circumstance (CoC) notifications at any time throughout the academic year

SIS has 6 sections. You can find all these under the SIS tab of the HE Gateway.

The functions you can use depend on your level of access. See SIS access and user roles for more information.

SIS Home

The SIS Home page is the first page you will see after you select SIS Home from the HE Gateway homepage.

All SIS users will be able to see this page, but the menu tabs here will only show the areas of SIS that your user level lets you access.

View Student Information

This section of SIS lets you view detailed student information once the student’s application is approved or approved but awaiting signature.

Confirming Registration

Students who need registration confirmations will appear on the registration confirmation worklist in this section. You can confirm registration individually or in bulk by a file import. Registration confirmations will release maintenance payments to students.

Confirming Attendance

Students who need attendance confirmations will appear on the attendance confirmation worklist in this section. You can confirm attendance individually or in bulk by a file import. Positive attendance confirmations will release tuition fee payments to you.

Combined Worklist

You can use the combined worklist to submit registration confirmations and the first attendance confirmations at the same time. This will release maintenance payments and the first instalment of the tuition fee loan.

Change of Circumstance (CoC)

You can use this section to notify the student’s award authority of any changes to their study plan.

Financial Reports

This section contains financial reports, such as the tuition fee balance report, outstanding online declaration report, tuition fee remittance report and a list of students with blocked maintenance payments.

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