Version 0.1 - Last Updated: 05 May 2021

Exceptional arrangements in AY 2020/21

Confirming 2020/21 attendance

The change you will notice in AY 2020/21 is that both term 1 and term 2 attendances will appear in your worklist from the course start date. However, there is no change to how to confirm attendance. Please follow the usual steps in the Confirming ongoing attendance section of this guide.

You will still be able to import attendance confirmations, but you will need to import the term 1 and term 2 attendances in separate files. If you upload an attendance file, the first attendance confirmation will automatically be attributed to term 1. This is usual practice and the case for all academic years, not just this one.

For this academic year only, term 2 attendances will be available at the same time as term 1. You do not need to confirm term 2 attendances the same time unless you want to. If your university or college has decided to wait until term 2 to confirm these attendances and receive the payment within term 2, please do so.

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