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Exceptional arrangements in AY 2020/21

Change of Circumstance notifications for 2020/21

The changes we have put in place for AY 2020/21 mostly affect attendance confirmation. They have very little effect on Change of Circumstance notifications (CoCs).

Please continue to submit accurate and timely CoCs, as well as the corresponding attendance codes. We will continue to process them:

  • within 30 working days during the peak period (from August to the end of November)
  • within 20 working days outside the peak period

The one change that you need to know about is to external transfer CoCs.


University A has confirmed a student's attendance for both term 1 and term 2 during term 1. The student transfers to University B at the beginning of term 2.

You should submit the Transfer CoC as normal. However, once we have processed this, the student will appear on the attendance worklist at University B. University B will then need to confirm their term 2 attendance.

University A has received payment for term 2 already. Our system will deduct this value from their next scheduled payment.

If you submit a CoC for a student, you should submit the corresponding attendance code for the next available attendance period. If this is the term 1 attendance period, please do not submit an A code for term 2 until:

  • we have processed the CoC
  • an A code has been submitted for term 1

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