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Questions from higher education providers


Q1: Will payments be permitted to childcare providers if the childcare provider is still taking the children, but the university is closed?

A: Current policy allows for Childcare Grant (CCG) to be paid for prescribed childcare costs. This includes:

  • retainer fees
  • charges for absence or holidays
  • additional costs (resources, dinners, trips)

If the childcare provider is still charging the student, the student can continue to receive CCG. The amount will be capped at 85% of cost charged, or the highest applicable rate of CCG, whichever is lower. CCG is an income-based product.

Q2: Some students are finding themselves in increased financial difficulty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Are there any relaxed overpayment recovery processes for these students?

A: Students can apply for changes to overpayment recovery through the standard financial hardship form process. They can ask for deferment of loan overpayment recovery.

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