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Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)


Q1: Does a provider need to tell you if they cannot deliver a service to a student? For example, this could be equipment delivery or a session of non-medical help.

A: We expect providers to continue to communicate effectively with their customers during this period.

Sometimes a provider cannot support a student and the student does not want to wait until the situation changes. In this case, the provider should ask the student to contact their needs assessor. We would expect the assessor to make every effort to get updated quotes from providers who can meet the student’s needs. We will review any requests to change provider in line with current processes.

If a provider cannot accept new students, they need to tell us about this. We can then temporarily remove them from the online list. We'll list them again once the situation changes.

Q2: Can providers submit invoices to you by email?

A: At the beginning of April 2020, Student Finance England made arrangements to accept invoices by email. You can find full instructions in the Provider invoices via email section of this chapter. Suppliers can continue to submit invoices by email and we will tell the sector in advance about any changes to this.

Invoices and supporting documents sent by email must be clear and legible. If they are not, we will need to ask for additional copies.

Each email must only contain invoices, timesheets and additional documentation for one student. You must not include information for multiple students in one email.

We cannot accept photographs of documents which are then converted to PDF format, as the file size is too large.

Student Finance England has an electronic invoice system in place for secure transfer of invoices by API. However, the sender will need to build their own secure front end to link to this system. If you need more information about this system, please email

Q3: Can you send invoice remittances by email instead of on paper?

A: We cannot issue remittances electronically at this time. We are unable to provide data to providers who cannot access their paper remittances.

Q4: I am a taxi provider. Can I continue to invoice for journeys that the student would have taken if they had been studying at their university or college?

A: The purpose of DSA funding is to help cover additional costs a student has as a result of their disability. If the student is not attending their university or college, then there is no additional cost. We cannot pay taxi companies for journeys that have not taken place. When accounts are set up with taxi companies, there is no guarantee of the amount of journeys.

Q5: As a provider of DSA support, am I entitled to claim supplier relief as outlined in Procurement Policy Note 02/20 (PPN 02/20)?

A: We do not have contractual agreements in place, so PPN 02/20 does not apply to the payment of DSA funding. We have confirmed this with the Department of Education and the Welsh Government. We would like to reassure providers that the payment of invoices on behalf of our customers is a core service. We will process payments as quickly as possible to support providers in the current challenging circumstances.

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