Version 1.0 - Last Updated: 16 Feb 2021

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

Provider invoices by email

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Student Finance England (SFE) has been able to make arrangements for providers to send invoices by email.

The process described here is solely for invoices submitted to SFE. Processes for Student Finance Wales (SFW) remain as usual.

SFW can accept invoices by email. You should send invoices for students funded by SFW to

When you email invoices to SFE, keep in mind that:

  • the content of emails will not be read or responded to – if you have any questions, you should continue to send these to

  • you must attach invoices and timesheets to the email in PDF format – we cannot accept any other formats

  • attachments must not be password protected – if you cannot send documents without passwords, you will not be able to submit invoices by email

  • we prefer the invoice, timesheet and supporting information to be in the same PDF and attached as one file; if this is not possible, you should include them with the same email as separate PDF attachments

  • you should only include one invoice and corresponding evidence (timesheet) in each email

  • as with the current process, invoices should only contain information for one student

  • the subject of the email should be the student’s customer reference number (CRN) and your invoice number or reference; if you do not have the student’s CRN you should include their surname and date of birth

You should send new invoices to the inbox set up for this specific task:

You should continue to send amended invoices and responses to invoice queries to

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